To ensure optimal comfort, it is often necessary to install wall-mounted air conditioners in living areas. These very useful devices can under certain conditions become harmful to the health of the residents of the house. Unfortunately, a priori, it is not easy to know if this equipment is a source of diseases. So, how to proceed?

In case of presence of mold in air conditioners

It is very common for residents (or a member) to start coughing chronically even though it has never happened before. Sometimes this cough is complicated with symptoms of asthma. In such a situation, the first reaction that most people have is to consult a doctor.

A battery of examination is then made to determine the pathogens responsible for the cough. Generally, a list of allergens is established after the examinations. On this list, it is essential to check if there is mold. If this is the case, your home is invaded by mold that is par excellence, agents responsible for respiratory disorders.

After a thorough and unsuccessful inspection of your home to determine a colony of mold, open your wall-mounted air conditioner. You will be surprised at the horror it contains. Indeed, very often, mold settles and grows in wall air conditioners. By propelling air into the rooms of the house, these air conditioners spread pathogens in the air that are these molds.

In short, it is after opening and inspecting the inside of your air conditioner that you will know that it is making you sick.

Check if the air conditioner discharge water is clear

Do not wait for the wall-mounted air conditioner to become clogged before cleaning it. Generally, when the device is dirty or already projects particles, it is a sign that it is very loaded with mold. If you have air conditioning, you should regularly check the condition of the water that the device rejects. If this water is black, then there are tiny fungi inside the device. The air conditioner is therefore harming your health. You must then have the air conditioning system of the house cleaned.

Unlike central systems, wall-mounted air conditioners have a higher risk of contamination. In reality, their filters are often not tight enough. Large amounts of dust of various origins enter the device over time. Moisture settles in the coil which then becomes a dust trap. It then forms a kind of glue which is an ideal environment for the development of mold.

When should the wall-mounted air conditioner be cleaned?

As soon as summer begins, our company, Climabionet, recommends complete cleaning of the wall-mounted air conditioner or heat pump. In fact, it is essential that the air breathed in the house is of good quality. This is ensured by proper cleaning of the device. Very often, most Quebecers forget to do this interview, which is vital for them. Contact us at the beginning of each summer for this operation that will improve your comfort of life.

During the cleaning operation, it will often be decided that the filters are replaced. These components of the device have the function of filtering and keeping the particles present in the ambient air. In this way, air conditioning filters allow to have a better air quality.

During the summer, the air is often loaded with particles such as dust and pathogens (bacteria). By eliminating them through the filter, you create a healthier environment around you. Not only does the clean filter clean the ambient air, but it also works optimally.

Entrust the cleaning of the wall-mounted air conditioner to professionals

Once the decision to clean the wall-mounted heat pump is made, the owner can proceed with the operation himself. You can then remove the filters and clean them with clean water. Then clean the coil or radiator. These can contain dirt of all kinds, including mold and pollen. To carry out washing, you can use a gardening hose. Above all, do not use a vacuum cleaner.

It is not always easy to properly clean the wall-mounted air conditioner yourself. By the way, the device has some fragile internal components that can be damaged as a result of improper handling. One of these components is the wheel. The device will not really work when this component is damaged.

Based in Montreal, Climabionet provides its customers with a regular and professional cleaning service for air conditioning systems. Using our services means choosing a quality of life ensured by healthy ambient air.

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