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Many people neglect ventilation ducts without really knowing that it is essential to maintain them. When they are not well maintained, it presents great health dangers to the people who live in the house. It is actually a device capable of accumulating different types of allergens. These include dust, dirt, mold or other elements that can have a harmful impact on the health of the occupants of the house.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be wise to maintain the ventilation ducts of your home? Climabionet offers to accompany you in this task in order to help you live in the comfort you deserve. To do this, we explain how to clean the ventilation ducts in your home.


Cleaning ventilation ducts: how to do it?

In principle, with a vacuum cleaner it is possible to clean the enclosure of the ducts, but the only downside with this technique is that the cleaning is not complete. That is, this method does not allow you to clean the depths of the ventilation ducts. Indeed, to carry out a complete cleaning of this device, it is necessary to use specific tools. In these cases, the use of the services of a company specialized in this field is your best solution for the cleaning of ventilation ducts.

For this type of intervention, as a rule the price varies according to the number of ventilation vents. In this case, the cleaning technique is called “suction-friction-impulse”, i.e. deep cleaning. To carry out this technique, a high-flow negative air sensor is installed that is connected to the heating system. This makes it possible to proceed to the suction of everything that can alter the proper functioning of the ducts. Compared to a home vacuum cleaner, the negative air sensor is a more efficient device and a thousand times more efficient.

To dislodge dust and particles from the walls of each duct, an air compressor is used combined with stirring equipment and rotating brushes. You can take the opportunity, to invite the professional to help you in the cleaning of other rooms of your home. This can be for example the extractor of the bathroom or the hoods of the kitchen. As a reminder, to avoid possible fire in your home, it is recommended to clean the dryer pipes at least every two years. When there is fire in these cases, this is usually due to an accumulation of lint in the ducts thus causing the blockage of said pipe. Cleaning the ventilation ducts is therefore a priority!

When should the ventilation ducts be cleaned?

As a rule, it is recommended to clean the ventilation ducts every five years. However, there are several other factors that can let you know how often to clean your ventilation ducts. This may depend on, among other things:

  • The spatial setting of your home;
  • The presence or absence of a pet (dog, cat, etc.);
  • The geographical location of your home.

When you are allergic to dust or other allergens, it is best that you carry out regular maintenance of your ventilation ducts. Otherwise, you may constantly suffer from a chronic allergy that is probably due to insufficient maintenance of the ducts. Also, when you are renovating your home or have just moved in, it is the ideal time to carry out the cleaning of this device. Clearly, you have the option to perform an inspection of the ventilation ducts of your home once a year,although it is not necessary to clean them every year.

How important is cleaning ventilation ducts?

According to some environmental protection activists, there has really been no concrete evidence to say that cleaning ventilation ducts would be enough to prevent health problems. Nevertheless, it must be recognized that those who suffer from a dust allergy or any other health problem due to allergens must regularly clean the ventilation ducts.

Added to this when you perform a regular inspection of the ventilation ducts, you are more likely to quickly discover other problems caused by the underlying factors. By way of illustration, during an inspection you can detect the presence of mold on the walls of the ducts. And if you look closely, you can see that this mold has its source elsewhere and has just spread into the ducts. Harmful spores of this particle can be conducted through the air into the enclosure of your home probably posing a danger to your health.

You should know that regular maintenance of ventilation ducts can make the performance of the devices to which they are connected optimal.

How to find the right company to clean and repair ventilation ducts?

Finding a company that specializes in cleaning and repairing ventilation ducts is not in principle a difficult task. Find this company that can do you an impeccable and quality job that is a rather complex mission. There are companies that not only advertise their business on television, but they also go door-to-door. For this purpose, when you do not use the service of a company and it is it that contacts you first, it would be wise to research the quality of the services provided by this company.

As a rule, it is the customer who must contact a company and not the other way around. So, be careful who you’re going to trust. It is also not advisable to sign a contract whose terms seem too good to be true. In the event that you have already signed this kind of contract for example with a company that goes door-to-door, know that you have ten days to terminate this contract according to the rules of the OPC.

Climabionet is a company that can help you get quotes for cleaning and repairing the ventilation ducts in your home.

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