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Improve the quality of life by improving air quality and restoring the original efficiency to your air conditioning wall.
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Why is wall air conditioning cleaning important?

A health issue: a real health risk

A poorly maintained air conditioner poses a potential risk to your health, this risk can take various allergic, irritative, toxic and infectious forms. Find out more

To fix and avoid common operating problems:

To fix and avoid common operating problems:

Water flow

Limited ventilation

Frost formation

Reduced sustainability


Moisture and fungus

Our commitment

Offer you complete and deep wall air cleaning that will ensure its proper operation while enjoying a clean and healthy air

Our advantages:

  • An efficient and safe cleaning technique.
  • Personalised and courteous service.
  • Competitively priced.
  • No subcontractors.

Refrigerant leaks: our guide to this air conditioning problem

Refrigerant leaks are problems that we treat regularly. It's not that air conditioners are Supposed leak refrigerant - they certainly are not. It's just that this problem can contribute to other problems in various ways. Does your air conditioning respond poorly to...

CVC Tips to Help Homeowners Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Spring around Montreal, Quebec, is an explosion! Outdoor barbecues in baseball. But with all the time spent outdoors, have you thought about the quality of your indoor air? After all, summer is around the corner with those hot, humid days. Our air conditioning systems...

5 Reasons Why Your Wall Air conditioner makes you sick

An air conditioner, reversible or not, is a valuable help in everyday life. It is indeed the assurance of having some fresh air in the summer, and possibly an efficient heating as well as economic in bad season. But it's like everything: it...

Cleaning a wall-mounted heat pump or air conditioner

Wall-mounted air conditioners and heat pumps must be cleaned and maintained regular . Cleaning a wall-mounted heat pump or air conditioner will prevent the unit from malfunctioning. Every year, it is recommended that the heat pump be checked for proper operation. Many...



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