With the growing popularity of wall-mounted air conditioners, chances are you’ve seen them in a residential or commercial setting.

Still called heat pumps

, air conditioning systems have the dual function of cooling or heating the interior of your homes in winter and summer.

While this may surprise you at first, since you don’t expect to see them, once you understand how these units work, you’ll be impressed.

A wall-mounted air conditioner is part of what is known as a ductless AC or mini AC split.

Unlike conventional central air conditioning, in which cold air is routed into rooms via ducts, these systems take a different approach. Air is routed to each room or area via a wall unit, which is connected to a condenser.

How does a wall-mounted air conditioner work?

To better understand how a wall-mounted air conditioner works, you must first have some knowledge about the three main components:

Wall-mounted air conditioning

This is the indoor unit responsible for supplying cold air to a room or area. To do this, they draw in warm air, absorb moisture and heat, and then deliver cold air.

As cold air is delivered, the unit evacuates moisture and heat through a duct.

Note: You will have a wall unit inside each room or area you want to cool. The number you need depends on the size of the room, the size of the house, and the power provided by the system.


This is critical to the performance of a mini-split AC system, as it contains three important components:

• Refrigerant tube

• Condensate evacuation

• Power cable

Without it, your wall units are unable to properly move moisture and heat from the inside of your home to the outside.

Outdoor unit

Known as a condenser, this is the outdoor unit that receives moisture and warm air from the duct that goes to the indoor units.

When properly operated, the outdoor unit is able to effectively accept and disperse moisture and warm air into the outside air.

Are they easy to install?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Compared to central air conditioning, the ductless configuration makes installation much easier.

There are two main questions to answer:

• Where will you place the condenser outside your home?

• Where will you install the wall units?

It’s easier to answer the first question because you can place it almost anywhere outside your home. As long as it has a few feet of space around to breathe, it will probably work.

The second question, however, requires a little more planning. You need to carefully choose where you install wall-mounted air conditioners, taking into account both functionality and aesthetics.

Your units must be at least 2 meters above the ground, without any obstructions on the way, such as furniture or indoor plants. Also think about where you can place the units so that they are out of your visual path, such as above the doors.

If you have any questions about how a wall-mounted air conditioner works or the installation process, contact us to schedule a consultation at your home. One of our professionals can visit your property, assess its layout and help you decide which type of system is best.

Are they easy to clean?

When they are abandoned, or poorly maintained, they can easily become a source of inconvenience. The lack of cleaning of these devices can make you make serious expenses and health problems. That’s why it’s best that you regularly indulge in their Maintenance.

To learn more about their cleaning, we invite you to consult our section cleaning wall air conditioners.

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