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The quality of indoor air is a health and safety issue. We spend more than 80% of our time in closed spaces, home, school, work etc. Many scientists and specialists confirm that since the introduction of air conditioning systems new pathologies have appeared.

The comfort provided by these air conditioning units is not to be questioned, the poor maintenance practiced for decades is the only responsible and generates serious health problems. When an air conditioner is insufficiently maintained, it can blow infectious agents into the atmosphere.

Since its very beginnings, Climabionet has been a company in constant evolution. Beyond the impeccable quality of the services and products we offer, we have learned over the years to develop the best air treatment techniques, having healthy air is our top priority.

At climabionet we have developed a unique cleaning technique for deep wall air conditioner cleaning with well-controlled water pressure without splashing.

Despite the diversity of models, brands, their size, their location, our know-how allows us to disassemble all the internal elements, our qualified and experienced technicians will always satisfy your needs.

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