Wall-mounted heat pump cleaning

Choosing a wall-mounted heat pump to serve as a heating system and air conditioner for your home during the winter and summer is very thoughtful. But this is no more important than regular maintenance of this device. To enjoy your heat pump, its maintenance must worry you a lot. To do this, you must at all costs know a few notions. It is about the interest, timing and symptoms of the need to clean a wall-mounted heat pump, but also the risks of poor maintenance.

For such an important fact, it is imperative to do an annual review by a professional. This operation must be autonomous and effective. This is what Climabionet, a company specializing in cleaning air conditioning units, with better air treatment techniques, offers you. Discover in this article, how to keep your wall-mounted heat pump.

Wall-mounted heat pump cleaning services

The wall-mounted heat pump is a dual-function device, for this it requires a lot of attention. Cleaning a wall-mounted heat pump, regular will be very beneficial.

  • You will have healthy air in your home. This saves you from the health problems caused by the ventilation of toxic air.
  • By regularly cleaning your air conditioning system, you safeguard not only the longevity of the system, but also its ability to operate.
  • Also, a deep cleaning allows you to avoid the risk of obstruction. In addition, the performance of the system will always be commendable and satisfactory.

On the other hand, a bad cleaning will cost you a lot of money than you might think.

The challenges of an unmaintained wall-mounted heat pump

Neglecting the maintenance of a wall-mounted air conditioner is a practice that creates enormous risks. The stakes are very high when cleaning the air conditioning line is not a concern for you. These risks are present in both health and economic terms.

  • You risk very serious diseases such as the development of asthma, respiratory diseases. Let’s not forget about infections, because the development of bacteria after a lack of maintenance can cause lung infections.
  • The flow of cold or hot air transferred to cool or warm your room will be questionable.
  • The accumulation, over time, of dust and mold in the air diffuser and coil, can cost the life of your device.

Indeed, the lack of cleaning of the evacuation or ventilation system of your bathroom can have these same disadvantages.

How to monitor the operation of a wall-mounted heat pump?

To ensure the safety of your wall-mounted heat pump, you should definitely know the symptoms of the need for cleaning. The other thing is to know at what appropriate time to carry out the maintenance and finally how often the maintenance should be done.

Need for cleaning: how do you know?

There are several clues that let you know when your wall-mounted heat pump requires maintenance. These are:

  • decreased device performance
  • the presence of residue such as dust or mould;
  • unusual ventilation noises;
  • the flow of water;
  • the discharge of rubbish;
  • bad smell…

When you notice any of these signs, the next step should be to contact an air conditioning cleaning expert. If you live in Laval or its surroundings, then you can enjoy the impeccable services and experience of Climabionet. Cleaning a wall-mounted heat pump, regular will be beneficial to you!

When is the interview carried out?

Since the device has two or sometimes three strictly opposite functions, it is important to have your device serviced before switching from one function to another. That’s why you need to hire a cleaner to whiten your heat pump after heavy use in the summer. This guarantees you optimal heating comfort in winter. That is why the inspection must be done in the autumn.

Alternating maintenance: how does it work?

The most important thing after the installation of a heat pump is nothing but its maintenance. In general, this practice takes place once a year after installation or on average once both. Nevertheless, for the proper functioning of your heat pump, the filters must be changed twice a year and cleaned three times or even four times a year. When cleaning, you need to make sure that the control circuit, compressors,valve and condenser are properly cleaned. Also make sure that the coil which is a key element in the diffusion and fans,are very well lubricated.

Water flow: what does it mean?

This is one of the demonstrative signs of a lack of maintenance of a heat pump. But, it is more usual and sometimes considered by some users as normal. Almost all of these devices flow water at a certain age, they say. While this is a serious problem that is often located on the evacuation side. Because the normal flow of water is through the drain pipe.

Indeed, the malfunction of the system, following a lack of maintenance, gives rise to an abnormal runoff of water. The drain pipe being clogged, the condensate tank overflows. The water is then obliged to evacuate by all means. This fact requires as quickly as possible the intervention of an air conditioner cleaning professional at the risk of damaging your walls.

Heat pump maintenance process

Maintain your wall-mounted heat pump, a technician has hired for its cleaning. This cleaning must be effective and deep to maintain the efficiency of the system. It is therefore valuable for you to know what the specialist is doing. Here is in a few lines what the maintenance technician of the wall-mounted heat pump does.

It first performs the purification of the condensate tank of the air conditioner. After which he cleans it deeply and thoroughly. Once the tank is clean, come the unclogging of the drain pipe and the verification of the slope of the condensate tank. The technician checks the correct evacuation of the air conditioner, and controls the insulation of the coils. In the necessary case, he changes the fibers to ensure the fidelity of his work.

In summary, you can see that the wall-mounted heat pump is a very useful device, but requires real tracking. Effective maintenance of this device is really advantageous for its owner. You must not only be attentive to the operation of the device, but also, get help from a competent and experienced technician. In Laval, the company Climabionet with a unique cleaning technique with a well-controlled water pressure without splashes puts its know-how at your disposal. Contact Climabionet without further delay if you notice the need to clean your wall-mounted heat pump.

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