Buying a silent heat pump is a guarantee of quality. It is for this reason that it is important to always choose a device that produces as little noise as possible. During your purchase, you will find a multitude of models on the market. We have therefore selected for you some models of silent heat pumps with excellent quality.

The Fujistu RL2 heat pump

People who are looking for a quiet heat pump should appreciate this model from the Fujitsu brand. In fact, when looking to get a quality heat pump, this brand appears as a reference in the sector. The RL2 model has been specially designed for small rooms that need spot heating or air conditioning. At 23 decibels, the Fujitsu RL2 heat pump is very quiet and has wireless control. It works in four modes:

  • dehumidification mode;
  • economy mode;
  • silent mode and;
  • automatic mode.

Ventilation system - Heat pump

The seasonal energy efficiency rate of this heat pump is rated at 16 and users can program it 24 hours. What’s more, it’s easy to maintain. In case you do not have time to clean the machine yourself, entrust the task to a professional company like Climabionet. We will make sure to properly maintain the heat pump to restore it to its original efficiency.

The Fujistu LMAS1 heat pump

Among the quietest heat pumps, the LMAS1 model from the Japanese brand Fujitsu is also among the best choices on the market. With 19 decibels, this heat pump can cool your interior down to -20°C. It has an estimated seasonal energy efficiency rate of 26.5. This means that the Fujitsu LMAS1 heat pump consumes little energy when in air conditioning mode. Its HSPF (Heating Efficiency Factor) is 13 and its energy efficiency rate is 14.3. We do not forget that the Fujitsu LMAS1 heat pump has a power of 24 BTU/h and can provide air conditioning to a large room. Also, when you buy this device, you have a 12-year warranty.

The Daikin Quaternity heat pump

Apart from the Fujitsu brand, Daikin is also known for manufacturing high-quality heat pumps. On the market, we can therefore find the Daikin Quaternity heat pump which offers good performance in addition to emitting very little noise. It is equipped with an air purification system as well as air conditioning and heating functions. This is one of the features that make this model a unique choice. What is interesting with this Quaternity model is that it can, therefore, function as a dehumidifier without reducing the thermal comfort of the occupants of the room where it was installed. With a 12-year warranty, this residential heat pump has four speeds and helps prevent unpleasant temperature variations caused by poor quality systems.

The Amana ASZ16 heat pump

Another quiet heat pump not to be underestimated is the Amana ASZ16 model. Equipped with a scroll type compressor, it has an estimated seasonal energy efficiency of 16. This guarantees many years of comfort to users. If this device is so quiet, it is thanks to its single-speed motor. It should also be noted that the Amana ASZ16 heat pump has a galvanized steel cabinet and contains a dehydrator filter. For its maintenance, we are available to carry out meticulous cleaning. As an expert in heat pump cleaning, Climabionet keeps your device in good condition and thus ensures good health.

The LV Series heat pump

The LV series heat pump is one of the quietest, but also among the most environmentally friendly and economical. It is equipped with a presence detector that optimizes its energy efficiency. This feature allows it to automatically lower the temperature of a room when it remains unoccupied for at least 20 minutes. This can drop to -15 ° C. Energy Star certified, the LV series heat pump, although it represents a profitable investment, it ensures high profitability. For its maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us to enjoy your device healthily.

In search of the quietest heat pump, Climabionet offers the RL2 and LMAS1 models of the Fujitsu brand and the Quaternity model of the Daikin brand. The Amana ASZ16 heat pump and the LV Series are also suitable choices. They are easy to install and maintain. To this end, we can help you clean them in order to provide you with healthy air at all times.

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