Air exchanger cleaning

The air exchanger is perceived as the lung of a house, because it allows the perfect circulation of air in the compartments of the house. Added to this, it also makes it possible to rid the parts of the particles that are suspended in them. Gradually, the use and cleaning of the air exchanger becomes an obligation in homes since it plays a very important role in the well-being of the inhabitants of the house.

However, when the maintenance of this device is not done well, it can cause health damage to the people who live in this house. To keep your air exchanger in good condition, we recommend that you do frequent maintenance of it. Here is the essential to know about the maintenance of an air exchanger.

Cleaning the air exchanger?

In principle, the maintenance of the filter of an air exchanger is a very easy task to accomplish. Nevertheless, if you have never done so, Climabionet accompanies you in this kind of tasks with the help of a few tricks. Indeed, you should know that maintenance must be regular in order to boost the life of the device and make its optimal efficiency. For this purpose, it is advisable to clean the minimum filter every three months, otherwise the device may harbor waste that can clog the air ducts . In reality, the filter’s mission is to contain dust and airborne allergens in your home. Cleaning the air exchanger is important Allergens include:

  • Animal hair;
  • Organic residues;
  • Sawdust…

This task that the filter performs somehow forces you to maintain it on a regular basis. This is the sine qua non condition for the effectiveness of this device. When you neglect the frequent maintenance of this air renewal system, it may not only become clogged, but it can also create negative pressure in your home. For example, when the proper functioning of the filter is impaired, the air is usually well expelled into the house, but the re-entry of healthy air into it becomes a bit complex. And when this happens, the air enters the house by all means including through each open part of the house.

You may spend more on the maintenance of the filter, because when it becomes defective, it is also necessary to clean the components of it. These include the fans,the core and its ducts. To put it simply, do not wait for its alteration before proceeding to the maintenance of an air exchanger.

How to clean the different types of filters in an air exchanger?

In some cases, it happens that the air exchanger is equipped with washable filters. If this is the case for yours, you just have to remove them and vacuum them on the surface. After that, you need to wash them with the help of warm water and soap. Finally, they must be rinsed properly and then put them in the open air to allow them to be dry.

As for replaceable filters,just change them regularly. However, you should be careful to buy the same model that you had removed. It can be a:

  • Coal-fired fuel;
  • Pleated filter;
  • Foam filter

That is to say that you have to buy the same model. To find out which filter model you are using, you should consult the user manual. It can happen that you lose it. In this case, you need to remove it from the device and send it to a professional so that he can make recommendations to you on the right filter model to buy. Be careful, when you want to put the filter back on, because improper positioning of the frame can cause air bypass. This usually impairs the complete proper functioning of the device.

How to clean your air exchanger?

In general, to know the different steps to follow to clean your air exchanger,you must refer to the instructions for use. This contains a detailed description of the maintenance process for your air renewal device. These inscriptions are usually printed on the core of the device. The core is more precisely at the level of the diamond located in the enclosure of the device. The core is the room that promotes the exchange of air between the outgoing and the incoming one.

If you do not have time to carry out this mission on your own, we offer our services. Climabionet is a team of professionals specialized in the maintenance of air conditioning units. Indeed, we are a company in constant evolution. We offer our customers an excellent quality of service thanks to the best air treatment techniques that we have developed over the years. No matter what maintenance service you need, we are your best alternative.

How to choose your air exchanger?

In general, there are two types of air exchangers. The heat recovery exchanger and the energy recoveryexchanger.

  • The heat recovery air exchanger has a heat recovery core whose mission is to transfer heat from unhealthy air into the home. This heat is conducted to the fresh air that it absorbs from outside the house. This avoids mixing hot air with fresh air in the house.
  • The energy recovery exchanger recovers not only heat, but also the energy contained in ambient humidity. If necessary, it regulates the level of humidity that enters the house. This obviously makes it possible to maintain a precise and normal consistency the amount of humidity throughout a year. This device also allows you to save on the cost of heating and cooling thus causing an improvement in the efficiency of these devices.

To make a wise choice, we recommend that you base yourself on the specific needs of your home. In other words, you must determine which of these two recovery devices will be able to adequately and optimally ventilate air in your home. In addition to this, you need to choose the device that can carry out the conservation of the energy used for heating and cooling in order to offer you the comfort you deserve. In short, the best choice would be to prefer the device that meets your needs, an air exchanger.

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