Wall-mounted air conditioner cleaning

Still called
heat pumps
, air conditioning systems have the dual function of cooling or heating the interior of your homes in winter and summer. When they are abandoned, or poorly maintained, they can easily become a source of inconvenience. The lack of cleaning of these devices can make you make serious expenses and sanitary problems. That is why it is better that you regularly devote yourself to their maintenance.


Cleaning services for your wall-mounted air conditioner


First, cleaning allows youto escape sanitary problems,then itavoids premature deterioration of the devices and finally in order to protect you from water flows.


Clean your air by maintaining your air conditioning

Maintaining your wall air conditioning system gives you the opportunity to stay away from many pathologies. In fact, when these materials go a few moments without being cleaned, they quickly retain and accumulate waste. And when this debris becomes consistent, it represents a favorable place for the proliferation of bacteria. These foreign bodies seep into the air diffuser of your device. At this point, the air diffuser no longer only externalizes freshness inside your home, but also detritus. Instead of fresh air, you start breathing trash and several diseases can result such as:

  • Asthma;
  • Allergies;
  • Legionella;
  • All forms of lung infections.

Avoid early degradation of your wall-mounted air conditioner

Avoiding premature wear and tear on your air conditioners is still one of the reasons why you need to start cleaning them at all costs. Indeed, without regular cleaning of your wall-mounted heat pumps,they will not be useful to you some time after their installation.

Electronic devices have dustas their first enemy. Dust will smallly damage your device’s system until it reaches its engine. At this rate, you will only get your devices back if you have a high chance. In most cases, you simply lose your air conditioner and you will be forced to take another one. It is therefore essential to rid your wall-mounted heat pumps of dust from time to time.

Avoid repeated water flows from your wall-mounted air conditioners

It happens that droplets of water that fall at night as the day from your air conditioners. It is a strong signalman of the poor condition of the exhaust system of your air conditioner. That is, the drain pipe is clogged. This is due to a significant accumulation of dust and dirt in the filters and condensers of your air conditioner. This can corrupt, naturally, the quality of the air diffused.

To avoid these disturbances, the only solution remains the careful and regular cleaning of your wall-mounted heat pumps.

When should you clean your wall-mounted air conditioner?

Is there an ideal time to clean your heat pumps? Absolutely not! There are, however, small signals that could push you to action. You can also simply stick to the frequencies recommended by wall-mounted air conditioner cleaners.

When should you clean your wall-mounted air conditioner?

Is there an ideal time to clean your heat pumps? Absolutely not! There are, however, small signals that could push you to action. You can also simply stick to the frequencies recommended by wall-mounted air conditioner cleaners.

Watch for these few signs

Just pay attention to these warning signs.

  • The sudden reduction in the performance of your air conditioner occurs when the wall-mounted heat pump no longer diffuses fresh air as it did at the beginning.
  • The presence of dust and mold in the interior of your home: Although your doors and windows are constantly closed, you apprehend litter in several places inside the house.
  • The deafening noise of the fan of your wall-mounted heat pump: Your wall-mounted air conditioners now make noise when they are functional.
  • Unpleasant smells inside your home: you apprehend strange smells in your environment.
  • The presence of lumps indicates that your air conditioning equipment is clogged.

In any case, a household is necessary when you have one of these symptoms.

Respect the normal cleaning frequencies

To make wall-mounted air conditioners operational at all times, Climabionet recommends that you respect the two types of cleaning frequency: deep cleaning and partial cleaning.

For deep cleanings,it is recommended that they be done at least once a year. This type of cleaning will have to be carried out on all compartments, but especially on the tray of your air conditioner. For example, the following actions must be performed:

  • Emptying the condensate tank;
  • Cleaning the bin;
  • Unclogging of drain pipes;
  • Checking the slope of the condensate tank

As for partial cleanings,it is recommended that they be carried out three to four times a year. The following pieces are combed through:

  • The control circuit of the device;
  • The compressors of the device;
  • The valve and condenser of the device

Compliance with these cleaning frequencies guarantees optimal operation of your wall-mounted air conditioner.

Who to entrust with the cleaning of your wall-mounted air conditioner?

Cleaning wall air conditioners is quite a tricky job. This requires not only specific objects, but above all a great degree of technicality. Doing it yourself could be very harmful to you and the device. That is why it is better to entrust it to a specialist in the field.

At Climabionet in Laval you have experienced wall air conditioner cleaners ready to serve you. They have extensive knowledge in the maintenance of air conditioners of all brands. Throughout the city of Laval,they are more proficient in the techniques of:

  • Emptying of the condensate tank;
  • Maintenance of the bin;
  • Control of the insulation of the coils.

For a meticulous and sustainable cleaning of your wall air conditioners,entrust yourself to these specialists.

Cleaning your wall-mounted air conditioner

First, with the help of a garden hose, they start by cleaning the outer coil.

Second, they carry out a rigorous cleaning of the filter or outright replace it.

Third, technicians systematically inspect air vents to clean them.

They then proceed to clean the grill if your air conditioner has an air intake on the outside side.

The final step is that of cleaning the ducts. To do this, they uncork them before ridding them of all kinds of waste they contain.

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