As summers get hotter and hotter, the air conditioner has become a very important piece of equipment. Over time, the ducts and filters of the wall-mounted heat pump become clogged. As a result, its efficiency decreases and it consumes more energy than it needs. To avoid all this, it must be maintained. A Climabionet expert tells you how to do it.

Start by reading the manual

It may seem trivial to you, but reading the manual that comes with the wall-mounted air conditioner is a very important step in the maintenance process. This document allows you to find out about the particularities of the type of wall-mounted heat pump you have. It informs you about how it works and also shows you how to maintain it.

From then on, all the tasks you perform will be the right ones. By being informed of what not to do or touch, you avoid touching the fragile and essential components of the device. In short, your actions will almost be those of a professional.

Maintenance of the internal part of the device

One of the peculiarities of the wall-mounted air conditioner is that a part is installed inside your home. The second part of the heat pump is located outside. It is essential to maintain each of these two components.

Start by cleaning the filters of the part of the air conditioner that is inside. Also clean the grid that protects the case. Do this at the beginning of the warm season. In case the filters are still usable, wash them with water with a suitable cleaner and then rinse them properly. Finally, dry them before placing them again. On the other hand, if the filters are no longer useful, get rid of them and have them replaced by others with the same characteristics or properties.

Maintenance of the outer block of the device

The outdoor part of the wall-mounted air conditioner is the most exposed to bad weather and flying particles. Its maintenance must therefore be very regular. Indeed, several pieces of debris stick most often on the case. As a result, the air conditioning circulates poorly in the heat pump.

The cleaning of the external block of the device must also be done with gentleness. Particular attention should be paid to the outer coil. The latter is an essential component for the proper functioning of the wall-mounted air conditioner. For this, its cleaning must be done at least twice in a year.

During winters, the outer block of the device must be protected. Use a suitable protective cover for this.

Calling on a professional

The various tasks mentioned above are the simplest. For a deep cleaning of the wall air conditioner, you need to hire professionals. Their role will be to perform fairly complex tasks that restore the wall-mounted heat pump to its original capabilities.

The in-depth maintenance of this device must be done every 3 years. Of course, this frequency of deep maintenance depends on the model and brand of the wall-mounted air conditioner. The professional will do a thorough inspection of the device to ensure its effectiveness in times of high heat.

It sometimes happens that a few days or weeks after cleaning the device yourself it begins by showing signs of failure or making unusual and disturbing noises. Sometimes it’s a bad smell like mold that the device gives off while it’s running. In either of these cases, it is more than essential to call a specialist. He will come to examine the air conditioner and then proceed to its deep cleaning. Finally, if there are adjustments to be made or parts to be replaced, it will do so.

If you are looking for an expert in the field, contact Climabionet. We are your reliable partner for cleaning air conditioning systems. Since the creation of our company, we have not stopped developing. This was done thanks to the many customers (individuals and professionals) who were satisfied with our wall air conditioner maintenance services. We use the best techniques to treat the air so that our customers can breathe clean and healthy air.

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