To live in better conditions and breathe clean and fresh air, it is essential to clean your air conditioner periodically. This will help you avoid contracting respiratory diseases that could affect your health. It is for this reason that it is necessary to call on a specialist in the field like Climabionet who uses an effective, safe and ecological cleaning technique.

How do you know when you need to clean your air conditioner?

Several clues will make it possible to know when to clean your air conditioner. First, when not enough attention is paid to the maintenance of the device’s filters, it is possible that the coil is already messy. We can check this by removing the filters and taking a look at the state of the coil. You can also see if the fan is dirty by looking through where the air comes out. In case the coil or roller of the device is dirty, it is imperative to clean the wall air conditioner.

The risks associated with poor maintenance of the air conditioner

Not taking care of your air conditioning unit will alter the quality of the air you breathe. This is all the more dangerous if the cleaning of the air conditioning has not been done for many years. You will be exposed to several conditions, as clogged filters can cause problems such as:

  • lung cancer;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • lung infections;
  • mold formation;
  • asthma;
  • the development of bacteria.

At the risk of being victims of these different diseases, it is advisable to have your wall-mounted air conditioning cleaned by a professional like the company Climabionet.

How to properly clean our air conditioner?

For proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit, several steps must be followed rigorously so as not to damage your unit. First, we check that your air conditioning is working properly to ensure that there are no filtration problems. Then, we proceed to the dismantling of the device box to access the evaporator more easily since it is the part to be cleaned. After that, we install the necessary devices to recover the dirt present inside the device. By proceeding in this way, no dirt will be seen on your walls or floors.

Once all these steps are completed, our wall-mounted air conditioner maintenance professionals make use of a special chemical to clean the refrigeration coils. You have nothing to worry about, because we do not use an acid solution that could damage the evaporator. In order to prevent the possible formation of mold and bacteria, we use a special antibacterial solution. Finally, we take care of removing the supplement accumulated on the fins of the coil. For this purpose, we rinse the device with water.

How often is it to clean an air conditioner?

The frequency of cleaning an air conditioner depends on each brand of appliance and model since the degree of dust varies in each home. In the event that you live with animals, you will often need to clean the air conditioner. Normally, your air conditioner should be cleaned every 4 or 5 years. To ensure quality work, this task must be entrusted to a specialist in cleaning wall-mounted heat pump and wall-mounted air conditioner. If you are in the Montreal area, then the expert company to contact is Climabionet. We use the best equipment on the market to perform a remarkable cleaning for you.

The advantage of using our services is that you benefit from a tailor-made service for the proper maintenance of your device. One thing is certain, after our passage, the air you will breathe will be of better quality and you will live in better conditions. If you need to clean the device yourself, we always advise the user to turn it off and disconnect it from the power supply. Or, get closer to us for more advice on this.

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