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The air conditioner is the main provider of air inside residences, shops, condominiums and hotel centers. And breathing air out of air conditioners in good working order is important to avoid certain pathologies. It therefore deserves special attention to ensure the well-being of all its users. For this, the company Climabionet has set itself the mission of improving the quality of the air from your air conditioner. To do this, the experts of this company have developed unique techniques for cleaning and maintenance of this device. What do you need to know about how to make air conditioners perform, regardless of their make, model, size and location in your home?

Indoor air quality: a vital necessity!

When the air is stale, foul-smelling, or laden with harmful germs, it’s not good for anyone. Studies show that, regardless of the time of year, about 80% of an individual’s daily life takes place indoors. Whether at home, in commerce, in administration, in schools, the air is conditioned and it usually passes through the network of ventilation ducts andair exchanger. This equipment therefore has the value of real lungs of buildings and their cleanliness is crucial.

During conventional cleaning, most of the waste that clogs central
heat pump
and central air conditioner is eliminated without however managing to eradicate bacteria, germ, or other potentially dangerous substance for the occupants. Climabionet remains in constant evolution in its provision of services and products for cleaning, maintenance of
wall mounted air conditioner
, whatever your type of equipment.

Cleaning the wall-mounted heat pump and wall-mounted

air conditioner prevents them from malfunctioning. In its absence, many users of these devices periodically complain of:

  • Water leak from the air conditioner;
  • Absence of the cooling effect of the air, or decrease in the performance of the device;
  • Presence of waste (mold, dust, greasy layers) and rejection of their lumps or piles;
  • Presence of bad or annoying odors;
  • Accentuation or appearance of abnormal noises at the fans;

Air conditioner cleaning by Climabionet

Based in Laval, Canada, the company operates in this area and its surroundings. It first examines your ventilation system and ducts in the event of a breakdown. His team has developed the best air treatment techniques, with unique methods for deep cleaning of the wall-mounted air conditioner.

It starts by checking and recording the starting operating values of your air conditioner in order to assess its exact working condition. Then, by means of a well-controlled water pressure without splashes, Climabionet removes all the waste present in each room of the ventilation system.

Despite the diversity of brands, models, location and size, the qualified and experienced technicians of this company manage to disassemble each internal element without causing any damage. They disassemble the fins, hoods, filters for a smooth and deep operation. After which come these phases:

  • Degreasing is an essential step in cleaning the central or wall-mounted air conditioner. It consists in removing the layer of fat that forms over the course of use and that would slow down the rest of the clean-up operations.
  • The cleaning phase itself is carried out by transmission of water under pressure directly to the air conditioner. This pressure is effective in clearing most of the dust and debris without weakening or damaging the sensitive components of the device;
  • In the event of a clogged drain, Climabionet’s professionals carry out the appropriate check and unclog it effectively;
  • Once this central step is completed, Climabionet moves on to the very last step: disinfection. It aims to eliminate any germ that can cause pathologies attributed to poorly maintained air conditioning. It finalizes its work by extinguishing microorganisms that have resisted during prior degreasing and cleaning thanks to an anti-bacterial solution. Better, the product used is ecological and therefore does not harm human health.

The operation ends with the assembly and verification of the proper functioning of the wall-mounted air conditioner. This step is a starting point to ensure systematic and regular maintenance of your installation.

Maintenance of air conditioners and wall/central heat pumps: the health card

The presence of mold and pathogens in the air conditioner or air conditioning ducts is recognized as responsible for several cases of asthma, infections and respiratory problems unprecedented in recent years. For these reasons, it is preferable to entrust this sensitive maintenance task to knowledgeable professionals.

Thus, to maintain healthy air, periodic care ensures the evacuation of deposits of detritus and dust, so as not to create an environment favorable to the development of harmful microorganisms. The latter can in the long term cause serious expenses related to the health of close relatives.

This maintenance must be carried out periodically, at least once a year. It is also the minimum of cleanliness and quality that you should offer yourself for the health and safety of your family.

In addition, it results in protecting and maintaining the proper functioning of your devices. Indeed, in case of fouling at the filters, condenser, and exhaust line, the passage of condensate becomes difficult. This affects the efficiency of devices that consume more energy for a lower result. Your energy bill becomes considerable.

In addition, the additional effort caused by this overload of air circulation routes puts pressure on the engine of wall-mounted heat pumps, and reduces the life of heat pumps and air conditioners.

In the case of heat pumps, the Climabionet team first cleans the coil which allows it to transfer hot or fresh air from one place to another in the system. Then, changing the filter placed in the fan upstream prevents wear. This filter is expected to undergo two or more changes during the year.

The use of suitable equipment: a question of reliability and safety

Improvising as a cleaner or entrusting this task to inexperienced people may seem trivial; but this can lead to complications for the users of your premises, residences, condominiums, customers in commerce, companies. To avoid this state of affairs, Climabionet has the equipment designed to leave no waste particles in the installations, after a wall-mounted air conditioner cleaning or a heat pump cleaning.

They are a guarantee to eliminate bad odors through meticulous work when maintaining wall-mounted air conditioner or cleaning thespillway or bathroom fan where humidity promotes ailments.

In addition, the presence of too much debris is a breeding ground for potential fires.

Today’s air conditioners with high-efficiency systems control the quality of the distilled air in the rooms of the house. They are preferably manufactured in such a way as to facilitate the cleaning of all surfaces and internal components. It follows that by complying with such preventive measures, you reduce breakdowns and defections of your facilities.

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