Cleaning of central heat pumps

Since the advent of new air conditioning technologies, some studies have shown that it has health risks related to the misuse of these devices. In reality, these air conditioning devices do not in themselves constitute dangers for humans. It is only when they are not well maintained that they can cause air damage. While you need central heat pumps that provide you in winter with healthy and peaceful air.

Heat pumps help you save electricity, but cleaning central heat pumps is necessary because poorly maintained will cost you health.

To do this, buying a central heat pump would be your best alternative. To this end, what to know about such a device? In other words, what does a heat pump mean? What are the special features that differentiate a central heat pump from a wall-mounted heat pump? And above all, how to properly carry out its maintenance? Focus on the answer to these different questions, we will also give you some tips on the maintenance process of a heat pump.


Cleaning a heat pump

The heat pump is a device that allows, regardless of its model (wall or central) to heat or cool a house. Indeed, it is a piece of equipment that in winter, for example, absorbs the heat produced outside the house and then pours it inside it to warm it. On the other hand, in summer, a completely different scenario occurs. During this period, the device returns warm air outside the house to allow residents to enjoy adequate air for their well-being. Cleaning central heat pumps is therefore crucial.

It allows you to make huge financial savings every year. Although to buy a heat pump you have to pay a little money, agree that this kind of device is very economical in terms of energy consumption. Added to this, the heat pump loses its efficiency when the outside temperature is below -20 degrees Celsius. However, there are certain types of heat pumps that keep their effectiveness even when the temperature drops to less than twenty-five degrees Celsius (-25°C).


How to maintain each type of heat pump (wall and central)

It is important to remember whether it is the central heat pump or the wall one, both aim to warm the house in winter and cool it in summer. However, each of these heat pumps has its particularity.

Indeed, the wall-mounted heat pump has the particularity of covering only the room to which it is hung. To put it simply, it can’t cover all the other rooms in the house. On the other hand, the central heat pump covers the air conditioning or heating of all rooms of the house and in a suitable way.

The installation of a central heat pump in a house requires the installation of ventilation ducts at the corners of the house. This is also the reason why it is more expensive than the wall-mounted heat pump.

Process for maintaining your wall-mounted and central heat pump

To optimize the service life and efficiency of a heat pump, it is advisable to carry out regular maintenance of the machine. In addition, the ideal time to maintain your heat pump is the fall of each year. At this time, you make sure that the machine is ready for winter.

To do this, it is necessary in the first place to carry out the cleaning of the external coil with the help of a garden hose. In the second place, you must proceed to the removal and change of the filter by inserting a new one. This is for the simple reason that the clogged or dirty filter can alter the proper functioning of the heat pump and its service life.

Thirdly, you need to ensure that the intake and intake ventilation duct vents are thoroughly cleaned. You need to do the same for the grid that allows air to escape by using, for example, a cloth and mild soap.

Finally, it is advisable to build a small shelter to your heat pump installed outside the house, because in winter it can happen that a large amount of snow is based on the machine. In these cases, the device usually ends up damaged.

When cleaning alone is not enough and additional technical work needs to be added, it is better to use the skills of professionals in this area. For example, when it comes to carrying out specialized repairs of central heat pumps on ducts, for example, experts must be called upon.

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