Our mission

Improve quality of life by improving air quality.

Breathing well is living well!

Our mission

Improve quality of life by improving air quality.


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Evaluation of your air conditioner this year

Even though this year seemed crazy to say the least, schools are still reopening and the grading season has begun. Report cards are needed to make sure your kids do as well as they should at school, so why not use the same system for your air conditioner? Ranking air...

Why do you need to maintain your air conditioner before the summer?

The air conditioner is an essential device to guarantee the comfort and well-being of the occupants of a home. The air conditioner is particularly put to great use in summer and more during heatwave episodes, to maintain a temperature always pleasant within the house....

Wall air conditioning cleaning: When should it be done?

During the summer, it is essential to regularly check the summer of your air conditioner. In case of breakdowns, you risk experiencing the ordeal in your home. This device is essential for the comfort of residents. Besides, when you notice problems, it is advisable to...

Refrigerant leaks: our guide to this air conditioning problem

Refrigerant leaks are problems that we treat regularly. It's not that air conditioners are Supposed leak refrigerant - they certainly are not. It's just that this problem can contribute to other problems in various ways. Does your air conditioning respond poorly to...

CVC Tips to Help Homeowners Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Spring around Montreal, Quebec, is an explosion! Outdoor barbecues in baseball. But with all the time spent outdoors, have you thought about the quality of your indoor air? After all, summer is around the corner with those hot, humid days. Our air conditioning systems...



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