Bathroom drain cleaning

The bathroom is a generally damp compartment that deserves special maintenance so that it circulates healthy and pure air. To do this, it is important to carry out a suitable cleaning through effective techniques. For this purpose, how to clean the drain in your bathroom? When and why to clean your bathroom drain?

Focus on the answer to these questions, we will also list some precautions that you should take when you are in your bathroom.

Clean the bathroom drain?

The toilet storage ventis the device that has the role of making the air circulating in the bathroom healthy. To get there, he expels the stale air from the room and then brings in a pure one. It is obvious that when the spillway is filled with dirt, it will no longer be able to play its role properly. It can even spread harmful spores in the air that circulates in your bathroom. This immediately represents health risks for the occupants of the house. It is clear that a duct that harbors mold and bacteria cannot produce stale air thus exposing you to diseases such as asthma. The only way to avoid these kinds of situations is to carry out a regular cleaning of the drain in your bathroom.

In general, ventilation ducts should in principle be cleaned every five years. However, you have the option to take into account other parameters to be able to determine how often you will clean the spillway. By way of illustration, when among the occupants of a house there are elderly people who smoke and young children who frequently use the bathroom, it is advisable, in these cases, to regularly inspect the spillway. You have to do the same when you live with pets. You can also consider the geographical location of your home. For example, if you are located on the outskirts of a busy road, you should regularly check the ventilation ducts in the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom drain is a matter of health!

What precautions should be taken to limit the fouling of the spillway?

You have the possibility to limit the risk of fouling of the bathroom drain by taking the right precautions. To do this, it is first necessary to space the room by opening the windows. You can also open the door when running hot water. This is to prevent water vapour from lodged on the walls.

Secondly, it is not recommended to use aerosols such as deodorants for example. Instead, you should opt for natural products for the care and maintenance of your body. These are attitudes that slow down the risk of bathroom pollution.

Thirdly, when you live in an area and the outdoor grid is faced with a stale environment, you need to resort to the service of a company specializing in cleaning. Their professionals will be able to carry out a specific inspection to check the condition of the spillway. You can also perform the check by yourself by checking the status of the grids. Very often when these are dirty, it becomes obvious that the spillway enclosure is also clogged.

Finally, it is not recommended to wait until the spillway is dirty before thinking about cleaning it. By doing so, you expose yourself to risks of disease due to allergens. So, do not just breathe air by leaving your windows open, it is mandatory to carry out regular and proper maintenance of the bathroom drain in order to also breathe healthy and pure air.

Cleaning the drain of a bathroom, how to do it?

Although it is possible to clean the drain of your bathroom yourself, the most beneficial choice is the use of the service of professionals in the field. This not only lightens the task, but also allows you to benefit from expert, complete and quality work. Companies specializing in cleaning usually have the right cleaning equipment for this type of work.

In this case, they use, among other things, air nozzles, rotating brushes and large suction hoses. The use of these tools is part of the implementation of the suction-friction technique that is most used for this type of intervention. This is more efficient than the use of conventional vacuum cleaners.

Technique for cleaning the bathroom drain yourself

To begin with, it is important to carry out a regular check of the ventilation grid and all the elements of the evacuation system. This makes it possible to quickly determine if its effectiveness is still intact or if the dust has already lodged on the grills of the bathroom. To clean the ventilation grid, remove the grid from the wall and then clean it with a damp cloth.

After the passage of a certain period, the valves of the grid are often covered with dust. This phenomenon frequently occurs in damp rooms such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens or storage rooms. It is for this reason that frequent inspection is necessary.

When it comes to your bathroom fan, don’t just clean the face since this is often not enough. For a complete cleaning of it, it must first be disconnected from the current. Then it should be removed from the wall and cleaned with a damp cloth before putting it back in its place. During this cleaning, it is advisable to remain attentive so as not to damage the effects you are cleaning. If this happens, the fan for example can produce disturbing noises.

A dirty ventilation system can also produce the same noise noise. To avoid this, the filters should be cleaned every three months.

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