Refrigerant leaks are problems that we treat regularly. It’s not that air conditioners are Supposed leak refrigerant – they certainly are not. It’s just that this problem can contribute to other problems in various ways. Does your air conditioning respond poorly to your cooling requests? It can be a refrigerant leak. Are your energy bills too high? This may also be due to a refrigerant leak.


So today we would like to talk about the causes of refrigerant leaks and how these problems can be noticed by you as an owner. Remember that calling us earlier for an air conditioning repair in Montreal

means that you avoid more side effects and high bills due to refrigerant leakage. Save money and stay cool by adhering to our refrigerant leak guide below!

How it goes

Refrigerant leaks do not happen by magic. Think about it, your compressor keeps the refrigerant high pressure in the pipes of your air conditioner. Like all high-pressure pipes, they can break after a long time, wear out or simply be stressed during years of work. Just because your air conditioner triggers a refrigerant leak doesn’t mean it’s a bad air conditioner . It simply means that it works hard and needs to be repaired properly! So let’s see how to determine if your air conditioner is suffering from a refrigerant leak.

Warm air

If you go home after a long day of work and turn on your air conditioner, you should really feel the difference. If, after about an hour, your air conditioner only pumps warm air that slightly irritates you, you could be the victim of a refrigerant leak. As the refrigerant leaks from your air conditioner, it becomes more and more difficult for it to do its job properly. Your air conditioner might never reach the temperatures specified on your thermostat, and in this case, you will need to repair it.

Whistling and bubbling

Since the refrigerant is stored as a gas and liquid at high pressure in different areas of your air conditioner, it can make noise when it starts to leak. The whistles represent the gas escaping from the refrigerant lines. Bubbles can be heard when air bubbles enter the refrigerant pipes that are usually absorbed by the liquid refrigerant. Anyway, these sounds are bad news and your air conditioner needs to be repaired as soon as possible!


An air conditioner operating with less refrigerant will have a hard time working as efficiently as an air conditioner with the optimal amount. It will start consuming more energy to run the normal cycle, or maybe even cooling less air while consuming more energy, which means your energy bills will be extremely high. Take a look at your monthly bills and see if you notice a trend. If so, it’s high time to tackle this trend and make sure your air conditioner reaches the efficiency levels it deserves.

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