With the advent of new technologies, homes built in recent years are equipped with devices with various features that offer more comfort. The most popular being those related to air conditioning and cold, we can say without a doubt that they greatly boost the cost of the homes in which they are installed. Let’s take a look at the heat pump and see how this wellness equipment can increase the value of your home.

The heat pump is a guarantee of confidence with potential buyers

When a home is put up for sale and potential buyers are found, the first thing they are interested in is whether it has adequate functionality. The estimate related to decoration, visual appearance or even size comes after. Is the gas or water supply system working? Is there a decent heating and cooling system? These are all questions that customers ask themselves and that guarantee them a profitable investment. We assure you that an efficient and functional system makes them happy. Thanks to this device, they can reassure themselves that they do not have to perform cleaning sessions themselves, which can be boring.

Rightfully so, if you have such a problem with a house that you want to sell, you can contact us. Our company Climabionet specializes in both the maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners and heat pumps. We have a lot of experience under our belt. Our mission is to increase your quality of life by strengthening the original capabilities of your various air conditioning units. Our satisfaction is based on providing you with a complete cleaning of your air exchanger, which will guarantee you a prolonged use of it. The residential heat pump no longer holds any secrets for us.

Our company Climabionet believes that it is important that you regularly monitor this material. The good state of your health is at stake. Indeed, the heat pump moves the air in your home in the same way that an air conditioner would. Not taking care of its maintenance means exposing yourself to various worries such as allergies or toxic and infectious irritations. We assure you that maintaining your ventilation ducts will be beneficial to you and will prevent you from encountering bad odor problems, for example. If you are still hesitating to call us, here is a short summary that presents the advantages we offer.

  • Our cleaning technique is simple and environmentally friendly. We are respectful of your environment;
  • We offer you a prompt and fast service;
  • With us, the customer is king. We are courteous and hardworking;
  • We offer you the most attractive value for money;
  • With us, you will not encounter any outsourcing problems.

As you can see, working with us ensures you are in good hands.

Being a source of comfort, it is clear that the heat pump will bring you a lot of money.

According to studies that have been conducted, the installation of an air conditioning system could cause the market cost of your property to fluctuate upwards by 25 to about 75%. Similarly, installing a heating system in your home can increase its value by 50 to 80%. The heat pump offers a certain level of service that customers are looking for. Indeed, it makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the house and offers unprecedented energy efficiency. The heat pump has a dual function: to provide heating in winter and to provide air conditioning in summer. Thanks to the latter, the costs of the bills to be paid are greatly reduced.

The heat pump increases the possibility of renovations so it brings added value

By opting for a ductless heat pump, you ensure that you do not have to incur huge expenses in case of possible repairs. Indeed, during various renovations, the various active systems in your home such as insulation and wiring can overcome complications.

Integrating a heating and/or air conditioning system ensures the improvement of your daily life. In addition, this is an investment that will pay off later when the house is liquidated. In the real estate market, houses with heating and cooling have more value than conventional homes that do not. Potential customers are willing to pay more for these homes because they know they will save money later.

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