An air conditioner, reversible or not, is a valuable help in everyday life. It is indeed the assurance of having some fresh air in the summer, and possibly an efficient heating as well as economic in bad season. But it’s like everything: it keeps you going! However, the cleaning of wall air conditioner is of extreme importance if we want to avoid serious health inconveniences… Here are the five biggest risks that can be avoided out of caution.

wall air conditioner cleaning

1. Legionnaires’ disease awaits you at the turn
Legionnaires’ disease is named after one bacterium: Legionella. It multiplies in wet conditions between about 25 and 45 degrees Celsius. But it also likes a lot in the tubes of air conditioners used to cool them … As a result, the atomized air conditioning can cause it to spread throughout an entire room. However, the maintenance of the filter of a wall air conditioner avoids inconveniences of this type, even if these only concern certain types of appliances, far from being the most common. But you’re never safe from a bad microbe… Then prevention is better than cure!

2. Watch out for heat shocks!
Hydrocution is a life-threatening reality. In general, the human body is not at all made to undergo sudden changes in temperature. Switching from cold to hot or from hot to cold is precisely the best way to “catch cold”. Especially if you’ve been sweating! A rule must be followed: never set your air conditioner more than 5oC below the outside temperature in the shade. Otherwise it’s really not good for the sinuses … However, this simple reflex should not make us forget that regular wall air conditioner cleaning is necessary to avoid further discomfort.

3. The problem of dry eyes
This is another inconvenience very often lent to air conditioning in general. This comes from the very way air conditioners work, which reduce the humidity of the air while evacuating its heat elements. In some interiors, depending on the power of the air conditioning, theambient humidity can therefore become very low. Below the 40% %, you have to react to avoid a phenomenon of dry eyes and unpleasant tingling – especially if you have to work on a screen! A containment environment also requires increased attention to wall air conditioner cleaning, as any germ would otherwise have tenfold effects in a closed environment. In any case, it is important to stay hydrated if you have to spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned area.

4. Repeated illnesses
If we have already talked about the very nasty Legionellosis and various other genes, there are many other health problems potentially caused by air conditioners that are poorly cleaned and/or poorly maintained. This is especially true when regular occupants of an air-conditioned room notice colds, a runny nose, ear pain, sore throats… These symptoms should alert you immediately and prompt you to carry out a proper wall air conditioner cleaning. By the way, do you think that a dirty filter… is perhaps even worse than the absence of any filter!

5. Fatigue and dizziness
Poorly regulated and poorly maintained air conditioning can completely transform a vital environment. Some users may have reported dizziness, persistent fatigue, memory loss and even depressive episodes… Almost always, when these inconveniences have no other causes, the cleaning of wall air conditioner, and especially its filter, makes a rapid change. Some toxic particles that can pass through an AIR conditioner are even capable of causing much more serious pathologies. Some talk about cancers, reproductive disorders, breathing difficulties and cardiovascular disease. It would still be a shame to take such risks just for lack of cleaning and maintenance …!

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