Even though this year seemed crazy to say the least, schools are still reopening and the grading season has begun. Report cards are needed to make sure your kids do as well as they should at school, so why not use the same system for your air conditioner?

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Ranking air conditioners year after year is a great method to understand the state of the system and see how well it works. If you start experiencing issues that give a poor or unsatisfactory rating, it may be time to replace the system. Air conditioning maintenance in Montreal, QC, is also a great way to ensure that your air conditioner tracks its workload and receives a good rating year after year. Whether you need maintenance, repair or replacement, our team can be the only one to help you.


A: Perfect

If your air conditioner works well, without a hitch, without hiccups, without the need for repairs, without high energy bills or anything like that, then go ahead and give it an A! Honestly, many air conditioners deserve this type of quality when they have just been installed or installed in a house that suits them perfectly. Make sure to keep this note by planning system maintenance and having it repaired when you encounter problems.

B: Almost perfect

Maybe your air conditioner was working properly with only one or two problems, which frustrated you. That’s not bad, and maybe your air conditioner could do an A next year if you get him the help he needs. Feel free to hire a professional and schedule maintenance to fix the system and solve minor issues in one gesture.

C: Satisfactory

So your air conditioner keeps your home cool, but that’s about all it does. This can make your energy bill go a little too high to the point that some nights you decide to live without, or it can make strange noises here and there. If your air conditioner ages beyond 15 years, we understand and you may want to consider replacing it. However, if it is a younger air conditioner, we invite you to call us for repairs.

D: Unsatisfactory

An air conditioner can sometimes reach a level where it is really unsatisfactory. If it cools you down just half the time, if your energy bills go up or if you suffer from recurring outages, then you might as well start looking for replacement services. Don’t panic – give us a call and we can talk about your options and if there is any hope of getting a better rating from your CA by next summer.

F: Distribution

When you turn on your air conditioner, nothing happens. This is typical for an air conditioner that has reached its age limit or has completely broken down due to a recurring problem or something else. Unfortunately, this is a common phenomenon that too many homeowners are familiar with. Don’t worry, a replacement can be simple, affordable and painless. Call.

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