Spring around Montreal, Quebec, is an explosion! Outdoor barbecues in baseball. But with all the time spent outdoors, have you thought about the quality of your indoor air? After all, summer is around the corner with those hot, humid days. Our air conditioning systems play an important role in air quality. Poor air quality can lead to allergies and serious health problems. Let’s look at some things that can affect the air quality in your home.


Ducts are something we don’t see, but they are an integral part of the clean air of your home. Moisture, dust and debris build up in your CVC system. Over time, mold and bacteria develop on the coils of your device. They can cross your ducts and blow into the house. Regular cleaning of your ducts can help keep the air clean in your home.

Air filters

An easy step to help keep your indoor air quality healthy is to replace and clean your air filters. Dust and other pollutants accumulate in the filter and are transferred to the air you breathe each time the system starts up. Mark your calendar so you don’t forget to replace your filters at least quarterly. Make sure you use the right size and type of air filter.

Cleaning and ventilation

A clean house and good ventilation also help improve air quality. Dust and allergens are introduced into the house every time someone comes in. Regularly cleaning your floors is an easy way to improve the air quality in your home.

Another simple way to improve air quality is to open the windows! Fresh air helps to lighten a room. To make your home even better, buy a ventilation system.


Regular maintenance of the CVC system will not only help your CVC system last longer, but it will also help improve the air quality in your home. Dust and debris accumulate in your air conditioning unit and filter into your home, affecting air quality. Clean filters, ducts and AC components remove allergens from your home, making breathing easier.

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