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Whether in summer or winter, air conditioning is necessary to live in Canada, and especially in Montreal. I imagine that your central or wall-mounted heat pumps remain running all summer and all winter to provide you with fresh air, or heat depending on whether we are in summer or winter. But, for healthy and quality air, regular maintenance of air conditioners and heat pumps is just as necessary. Because, in the absence of adequate maintenance, your air conditioning is a sure source of various diseases and infections. To avoid this state of affairs, you must entrust this cleaning work to Climabionet, your professional cleaner in Montreal.

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Climabionet is a company specialized in the cleaning of air conditioning systems. Our services are provided by professionals in the field. Highly qualified and experienced, they have managed to develop over the years, unique cleaning techniques. These methods allow you to clean your devices thoroughly with a well-controlled water pressure and without splashes. We have also developed the best air treatment techniques,so that our intervention is the guarantee of unparalleled satisfaction.

Our services are of the highest quality, and at competitive costs. With us, your central heat pump, wall-mounted heat pump, central air conditioner and wall-mounted air conditioner are all at the top of their performance. Zero failures in your system, because we make sure of it. We can also help you know which system would be best for your home. Climabionet is based in Laval and is expanding throughout Montreal with your satisfaction as the only priority.

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If your devices lack maintenance, you may have difficulty breathing at home. You should know that air quality is a combination of its property, humidity, temperature and odors. When your wall-mounted air conditioner and even your central air conditioner isn’t well maintained, they become a breeding ground for mold and garbage to take refuge there. It’s the same with heat pumps (central or wall-mounted). You are therefore exposed to the risk of biological contamination. The service life of the devices is reduced. The operation of your air conditioners or heat pumps is hampered (air exchangers no longer work properly, ventilation ducts are clogged, water drains stop evacuating, air conditioners start by running water, etc.) and inlet channels bring very poor quality air, filled with dust and bad odors.

Climabionet makes sure that all this does not happen to you. For this:

  • We perform a general inspection of your entire system at least once a year.

The inspection consists of a verification of the proper functioning of each of the elements that make up the device and the system. From heat pumps, through air ducts, water drainage channels, ventilation ducts to air conditioners. The malfunction of one can seriously hinder the operation of everything else. As soon as a problem is identified, we proceed with the repair. The interest for you lies in the fact that not only do you enjoy the healthy air, but also you do not make big repairs (big repairs cost you a lot).

  • We ensure the regular cleaning of your heat pumps.

To ensure proper maintenance of heat pumps, we change the filters at least twice a year. We regularly check the control circuit, compressors, valve as well as condenser. The cleaning of coils remains a priority in order to remove pollutants and all other allergenic materials from the air. We remove dust or snow depending on the season. During our interventions, we do not fail to clean and lubricate the fans. This remains just as important so that the device retains its shape and is not subject to premature damping.

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  • We thoroughly clean your air conditioners

Whether wall or central, air conditioners require, for their proper functioning, a thorough cleaning. We carry out: the emptying of the condensate tank as well as its cleaning, the verification of the good evacuation of the air conditioner,the control of the insulation of the coils, the unclogging of the exhaust ducts. Remember that the bathroom is the best place where the water drains can open. This saves you from dragging buckets or basins to collect the drained water to prevent your home from being flooded.

Our team of professionals ensures that heat pumps and air conditioners always remain in good working order. We also work on air conditioning ducts, air ducts and all other components of the system. This prevents any risk of obstruction.

  • Air treatment

New air conditioners, especially high-efficiency systems, don’t just expel air. They also make it possible to treat the air in such a way as to obtain the best quality. We use unique methods when it comes to treating your air conditioning. With us you can say goodbye to bad smells. It’s time to make the most of your air conditioning with Climabionet.

Wherever you are in Montreal,Climabionet is not far from you. We assure you a hygiene of paradise.

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