Cleaning and Maintenance: Thermopompes and Air Conditioning, in Mirabel


To enjoy a comfortable home, it is necessary to install adequate equipment. Among these equipment is the air conditioning which is composed of a heat pump or an air conditioner. This type of installation is present in many homes in Mirabel. But to be sure to enjoy all the features of the device, be sure to choose your model well and take care of it regularly. Entrust the regular maintenance of your air conditioning system to an expert. In Mirabel, Climabionet is a key player in the maintenance of air conditioners and heat pumps.

Clean your air conditioning

By cleaning your air conditioning unit and your ventilation duct, you avoid possible problems with health, operation and water flow.

Breathe healthy air thanks to the maintenance of its air conditioning

A central or wall-mounted air conditioner can be a source of different health problems when not properly cleaned. Dust and other waste can actually become embedded inside and settle at the air duct, bathroom fan, bathroom exhaust or air diffuser.

Over time, the accumulation of this waste promotes the development of germs. These are particularly harmful to health and can spread through the air using the air exchanger. You may then breathe air contaminated with bacteria. You expose yourself to different diseases, such as:

  • Allergies;
  • Asthma;
  • Infections in the lungs;
  • Legionella.

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Who to contact to clean your wall air conditioner?

Don’t venture to clean your wall-mounted air conditioners or wall-mounted heat pumps yourself. The handling of these devices is tricky because of their specific features and the dirt they accumulate. Wall-mounted air conditioner maintenance is a task to be entrusted absolutely to an expert who knows about the maintenance of air conditioning units.

Climabionet operates in Mirabel and offers the intervention of its team specialized in air conditioners and heat pumps of all kinds. Its stakeholders can take care of any device, regardless of the brand. They are competent to:

  • Drain condensate tanks;
  • Maintain these bins;
  • Control coil insulation.

Since the wall air conditioner cleaning to be carried out must be rigorous, it is recommended to contact Climabionet.

Clean your heat pump thoroughly

As air conditioning systems have evolved a lot lately, research has proven the existence of risks by using air conditioning devices. These air conditioning units are not really harmful to health, but their poor maintenance alters the air quality. Yes, you need central heat pumps to heat and cool the air in your home, but maintain them properly to avoid health problems.

Using a central or wall-mounted heat pump, you benefit from hot or cold air according to your needs. This equipment captures outside heat to bring it back inside the house in winter. In summer, on the other hand, it expels hot air inside the home to better cool the interior. As this operation is specific to the heat pump, the heat pump cleaning must also be customized.

The heat pump is an air conditioning device that saves energy while optimizing the air quality in your home. However, its cost may seem expensive. Its effectiveness may decrease when exposed to an outdoor temperature of -20 °C. Nevertheless, you will find heat pumps on the market that continue to work properly even at an outside temperature below -25°C.


Air quality is essential

Don’t neglect your wall-mounted air conditioner, as you are exposing yourself to huge risks if any. If air ducts or air conditioners are not properly cleaned, your health may be affected. Especially since the accumulation of waste can cause a permanent breakdown to your device.

  • You are exposed to germs that can cause various diseases such as asthma, respiratory problems or lung infections.
  • The efficiency of your heat pump may decrease over time, preventing your unit from producing hot or cold air as expected.
  • Your heat pump may no longer work due to meticulous and regular maintenance.

You will need the help of Climabionet, as it is a competent company in the maintenance of heat pumps and air conditioners. It has developed the quality of its services over its many years of experience. His specialization is to clean air conditioning devices of all kinds. Thanks to this meticulous and well-executed work, your air conditioning works properly and the air diffused inside your home is perfectly healthy. The Climabionet team contributes to the improvement of your quality through its interventions. You benefit from a healthy air conditioning adapted to your needs.

The inhabitants of Mirabel can count on Climabionet’s expertise to maintain their central or wall-mounted heat pumps. The company can effectively ensure regular cleaning throughout the city.

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