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The comfort of your home is largely based on your equipment. To better cope with periods of high heat or extreme cold, for example, you will need heat pumps or air conditioners. Many homes and buildings in Blainville are already equipped with it. Nevertheless, it is necessary to select your model well and maintain it correctly to ensure its durability. In terms of maintenance of equipment for air conditioning, you will need the intervention of professionals. In Blainville, Climabionet offers you its expertise to take care of your air conditioner or heat pump.

Air conditioning cleaning

Cleaning protects you from possible health problems related to the malfunction of your air conditioning. Especially since it helps extend the life of your equipment while protecting it from water runoff.

Keep air healthy by taking care of your air conditioning

Your wall-mounted air conditioning unit deserves regular maintenance, as it can quickly become a nest of bacteria. Waste actually accumulates inside if the device is not cleaned regularly, hence the appearance of germs. When you turn on your device, these germs may then be diffused into the air. Certainly, your air conditioning can continue to optimize the temperature of your interior, but it also diffuses dirt into the air. You no longer breathe fresh air, but polluted air, resulting in the appearance of the following diseases:

  • Allergies;
  • Asthma;
  • Legionella;
  • Infections in the lungs.

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Who can clean your wall-mounted air conditioner?

This is a task that must be entrusted to a professional. Cleaning a wall-mounted air conditioner is different from cleaning a central air conditioner. This operation requires the use of specific tools, but also some technical knowledge. If you take care of it yourself, you risk catching a pathology or damaging your device.

For example, you can entrust the cleaning of your wall-mounted air conditioner to Climabionet, your air conditioning maintenance professional in Blainville. This company is specialized in the field and can take care of devices of all brands. His team can take care of:

  • Emptying of the condensate tank;
  • Cleaning of the bin;
  • Assessment of the insulation of the coils.

Climabionet specialists are also at your disposal to clean the bathroom fan.

Cleaning a heat pump

With the advent of new air conditioning technologies, the use of a heat pump exposes to health risks. It is not the device itself that is dangerous, but rather its poor maintenance that can lead to the alteration of air quality. But now, you have wall-mounted heat pumps or central heat pumps to heat or cool the air in your home! So remember to maintain them properly to reduce the risks.

A heat pump is defined as a device for heating or cooling the air in a home. It can be central or wall-mounted. In winter, it harnesses the outside heat to warm the interior. In summer, on the other hand, it expels warm air outside the house to cool the inside. This mode of operation is specific to the heat pump, hence the need for rigorous cleaning.

There are economic advantages to purchasing a heat pump. Admittedly, you have to invest a fairly large amount of money to get this type of device, but the heat pump is economical. Its effectiveness is reduced if the outside temperature is below -20 °C. However, some models are still effective, even with an outside temperature of -25°C.


The importance of air quality

If you neglect the maintenance of your wall-mounted air conditioner, you expose yourself to significant health risks. The air conditioning duct must be clean enough for the air conditioner to play its role well without harming your health. In case of negligence of your pipes, your device may also deteriorate and encounter malfunction problems.

  • You may suffer from serious respiratory diseases such as asthma. Infectious diseases, such as lung infections, can also occur due to the overgrowth of bacteria in the air through the air duct.
  • You can no longer enjoy hot or cold air depending on the season if the air conditioning flow is no longer optimized properly.
  • Your air conditioning unit may break down permanently if you let dirt and moisture accumulate in its air diffuser.

Given the important issue of maintaining your air conditioner, Climabionet is the right solution. This company has many years of experience in the maintenance of air conditioning equipment. It adapts to new technological developments in order to offer services that always meet the expectations of its customers. It specializes in cleaning heat pumps and air conditioners. Its mission is to allow you to enjoy excellent health in a well-air-conditioned home. His team contributes to improving your quality of life through good air quality by cleaning your air conditioner or heat pump.

If you are looking for a professional heat pump cleaning or air conditioner in Blainville, call Climabionet! The company intervenes both to maintain wall or central appliances.

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